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Mitigation Mapping
In the course of planning new construction or to analyze the effects of natural disasters, specialized topographic and planimetric maps are important tools. The very purpose of mitigation maps are to lessen the impact of sudden alterations to an area, whether man-made or natural processes. Wetland verification, flood hazard zone and highway construction are some of the specialized services that TAS is adept at providing to both the private and public sectors. Drainage and watershed information can be quickly and efficiently produced by photogrammetric methods, putting the data pertinent to the client into an easily-interpreted visual format.

Sample Project:
A-0009WM Skeenah Creek, Macon County

Triangle Aerial Surveys was awarded a project by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to perform Mitigation mapping on Skeenah Creek within Macon County, North Carolina.  Black and white aerial imagery was provided along with surveyed ground control to complete topographic mapping at a scale of 1”=100’ along with DTM data.  The project was done to NCDOT plan sheet specifications and included the generation of 1’ contours.  Digital files were provided to NCDOT in two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats.


Sample Project:
U-3109WM Cates Farm, Alamance County

Triangle Aerial Surveys received a project for mitigation mapping in Alamance County.  The Cates Farm Mitigation Site required aerotriangulation and feature collection to support 1”=100’ topographic and planimetric mapping.  Aerial photography was supplied by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) as well as ground control.  TAS collected all planimetric features within the project boundary as well as DTM information to support 1’ contours and spot elevations.  Final CADD deliverables were presented in both 2D and 3D formats. 


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