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Resource Management & Data Analysis

GIS Applications
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) cover a wide selection of possible applications. The versatility of GIS has made it a popular choice for data collection, storage, and presentation. Employing highly-experienced GIS professionals, Triangle Aerial Surveys (TAS) is ready to provide these services.

Custom GIS Applications
Using concepts and tools in GIS, data from various sources are correlated for display over a geographic platform. The functionality of data layers streamline on-demand access to the data that the client needs at a particular moment. Visualization, database queries and cross-references are made simple and clean with a single, condensed information source.

Data Conversion
In many cases, data must first be re-formatted before its usefulness is fully realized. Triangle Aerial Surveys offers many data conversion solutions, including:

• Conversion between CADD formats (Dwg, Dxf, Dgn)
• Conversion of digital imagery files to different formats (Tiff, jpg, MrSid, EPS)
• Conversion of CADD data to GIS formats (SHP)
• Visual representation of a database in a GIS environment
• Digitization of raster information to a scalable vector format


Database Management
Existing databases may have information that is outdated or no longer applicable. Triangle Aerial Surveys can offer the solution. New data, supplied by the client or collected from other sources, can update a database. Services can also be rendered and monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the most current and accurate information accessible to the client.

Volumetric Analysis
DEM and DTM data from lidar or stereo-compilation can be used for volumetric analysis of a site. Landfills, quarries and stockpiles are areas that change often in short periods of time, requiring constant updating and time-sensitive record-keeping. Triangle Aerial Surveys serves waste management, mining and power companies with accurate and time-efficient volumetric calculation and analysis that could be easily tracked in a geodatabase.

Sample Project:
Project Kinston Plant

Triangle Aerial Surveys completed a volumetric analysis project for the Kinston Plant in North Carolina.  TAS performed the aerial mission and acquired the aerial photography.  Existing ground control was re-paneled for the project.  Using a compiled Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and generated 1’ contours, TAS calculated the volume of the plant’s coal pile. 


Sample Project:
Catawba Layer Update, Catawba County, NC

This project was a GIS update of the Impervious Surfaces Layer for Catawba County in North Carolina.  The existing layer was created in 1998 and was in need of revision.  Orthophotos taken from 2005 in MrSID format were used as reference for the project for heads-up classification along with files from the county showing commercial and industrial areas in particular that needed to be updated.  All polygon updates and recalculations of land use were performed in ArcGIS dividing the land into sixteen different land use codes. 


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