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Resource Management & Data Analysis

Collected data is useless when it is not properly applied to a real world situation. The proper management of data can turn a database into a solution. Not only does Triangle Aerial Surveys collect geospatial data, but we have the ability to arrange the data into a resource tailor-made for the use of our clients.

Some geospatial applications include:
• Natural disaster planning/response
• Wetlands mitigation
• Industrial inventories
• Agricultural management

  • Cadastral information is also used by governments and private industry at all levels for a variety of projects:
  • • Land records
  • • Census/demographic records
  • • Tax district assignments
  • • Urban planning/zoning

The arrangement of data to fulfill these types of demands can have a visual representation as a geodatabase. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), an existing set of data can be migrated and geo-referenced in a geodatabase, making possible a centralized source of important information across a geographic format. The arrangement of layers within the geodatabase is an important tool for isolating specific features, aiding efficiency in cross-referencing and querying data. Triangle Aerial Surveys can alter, update or reformat databases to suit the expectations of the client. The possibilities for workable solutions on a geospatial platform are endless.

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