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Topographic and Planimetric Mapping
Geographic and cultural features compiled from aerial photographs and remote sensing data provide a practical alternative to the conventional ground survey methods in the mapping of large sites. Planimetric maps, which show the relationships between features at a specified map scale, are useful for applications such as golf course maintenance and GIS base maps. When accurate elevation information is required, topographic maps can be created with contour intervals that reflect client requirements. TAS operates state of the art Dat/Em Summit Evolution softcopy workstations to extract planimetric and topographic features, and an array of software tools for generating and processing contours, map formats and symbols.

Sample Project:
Project 05045 Carolina Village

TAS was responsible for acquiring color aerial imagery for orthophotography and topographic and planimetric mapping. The area covering approximately half of a mile was photographed at a low altitude in order to achieve the specifications appropriate for a map scale of 1”=50’. Planimetric data was collected from stereo imagery.  Some examples of the collected features being buildings, utility power poles, roads, parking areas, car stallings, drainage, vegetation, fences, above ground utility features, street signs, as well as DTM and breaklines suitable for a 1’ contour interval. After the contours were generated and edited in a Microstation V8 format, the files were converted to AutoCAD .DWG format.


Sample Project:
Project 06035 Fayetteville Outer Loop

Triangle Aerial Surveys has extensive experience pertaining to road extensions, relocations and roadway widening.  1”=50’ digital plan sheet mapping with a digital terrain model was created for the Fayetteville Outer Loop; located between SR 1118 (Parkton Road) and SR 1003 (Camden Road) in North Carolina for the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  Aerotriangulation was utilized to densify surveyed ground control points along the project corridor required for the compilation.  Digital photographs were viewed stereoscopically and used to collect all visual planimetric features along the corridor.  DTM points and breaklines were created and utilized for contour generation.


Sample Project:
Project 07043 Park Ridge

Triangle Aerial Surveys created topographic and planimetric mapping for the main hospital site of Fletcher Hospital.  Color photography was flown over the Park Ridge site at a photo scale of 1”=600’.  An accurate topographic map was essential for the area surrounding the hospital, including the loop road around the main building.  Planimetric features from the stereo models were collected including roads, parking lots, above ground utility locations, drainage, retaining walls and large trees near the site.  Underground utility locations were included from surveying notes.  Features were presented in a digital file adhering to the mapping standards for 1”=100’ map scale.  Contours were generated at two foot intervals to show the shape of the terrain in the project area.


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