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Lidar Mapping and Verification
Emitting laser pulses to measure the distance from an aircraft to the ground, lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) collects digital surface data in the form of point clusters. Lidar data is an effective source of digital elevation models (DEMs), penetrating into dense vegetation areas difficult to compile with conventional applications.

Lidar data is the foundation of intensity images.  These intensity images resemble panchromatic aerial imagery and can be used for stereo compilation.  This technique, known as Lidargrammetry, is on the cutting-edge of the field.

Sample Project:
Oklahoma Wind Farm

For the mapping of a wind-power generation site in Oklahoma, TAS completed the task of compiling planimetric and breakline data for the generation of 2’ contour interval. The DEM for the project was provided as lidar intensity images. TAS collected planimetric features such as roads, buildings, vegetation, drainage, power poles and transmission towers. Breaklines and applicable planimetric features were added to the DEM data for the generation of contours. The file was converted to AutoCAD format as per client specifications.


Sample Project:
Harding Ditch Watershed Mapping, East St. Louis Illinois

As part of a larger interior drainage study for the Army Corps of Engineers, Triangle Aerial Surveys participated in watershed mapping for the Harding Ditch Watershed in East St. Louis, Illinois.  Lidar data was collected for the entire project area with a grid spacing of 5 feet.  This lidar data was then used to create high resolution intensity imagery for the purposes of feature collection.  All drainage and water features as well as manmade structures that directly affect drainage were collected off intensity image stereo pairs.  Breaklines were created to reinforce the lidar data and provide accurate 2’ contours for the project. 


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