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Services : Airfield Obstruction Surveys

Airport Obstruction Chart Surveys are a necessity for the operations of the National Airspace System. These surveys are an accurate catalog of vertical obstructions to runway approaches. They also serve to maintain the reliability of airport information available to pilots. Using Obstruction Identification Surfaces (OIS) and stereo imagery, Triangle Aerial Surveys is able to pinpoint and collect these obstructions. For the purpose of establishing safe glide slopes to an airport’s runways, any object that penetrates the OIS, as well as the highest object in a given area, is considered an obstruction. In addition to this dataset, planimetric features such as the runway, airfield structures and navigational aids are also collected.

The ClearFlite module in BAE’s Socet Set is able to create automatically Obstruction Identification Surfaces conforming to NOAA, FAA, and NGS standards. Using these surfaces as a reference, the program tracks cursor movement as operators inspect the aerial imagery. ClearFlite informs the operator when his cursor penetrates the OIS, allowing for quick and accurate collection of obstruction features. ClearFlite also helps the operator keep track of which surface he is currently working in, as well as specialized values such as the distance of an obstruction from the end of the runway.

The Feature Extraction module for Socet Set makes the collected data available for direct access through CADD and GIS applications. In addition to the obstruction features collected through Clearflite, the Feature Extraction toolset enables the operator to collect planimetric and other major identifiable features around the airfield. These features help those analyzing the data to determine effectively the locations of objects and structures of significance.

Sample Project:
Hickory Regional Airfield Obstruction Survey, Hickory NC

Utilizing BAE Socet Set’s Clear Flite module, Triangle Aerial Surveys is able to perform Airfield Obstruction Surveys for airports big and small.  Hickory Regional Airport (HKY) located in Hickory, North Carolina was an Airfield Obstruction Survey to be performed on-site at TAS.

Individual surfaces adhering to ANA standards were created for each runway.  Planimetric features were then collected within a Socet Set Feature Database.  Airport features including all buildings, taxiways, aprons, and navigational aids were stereoscopically collected from multispectral aerial photography.  All transmission lines that were in the approach surface were collected.  Finally any feature the operator deemed important, such as major roads, water bodies and buildings, were also collected as part of the planimetric features.

Once all the desired planimetric features were collected each obstruction surface was carefully reviewed.  The highest features as well as the features that penetrate the obstruction surface most in the photographs were recorded for the approach, primary, transitional and missed approach surfaces for each runway.  Special attention was paid to transportation lines, vegetation and buildings that fall within the obstruction surfaces.  The resulting Feature Database was double checked by the quality assurance team before meeting final approval.

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